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3270/5250 Terminal Modes

The format of the string is identical to the one used in the EHLLAPI, DDE, and VB interfaces. Special character combinations are shown below. This function returns 0 if all keys were processed successfully.

The Keys function is not the most efficient method of transferring large amounts of information to the screen buffer. For faster access, use the Fields.Text property.
Special Key Strings (Case Sensitive):

@B    Backtab    @C    Clear    @D    Delete
@E    Enter    @F    Erase EOF    @H    5250Help
@I    Insert    @J    Next-Session    @L    Cursor Left
@N    Newline    @P    5250Print    @R    Reset
@T    Tab    @U    Cursor Up    @V    Cursor Down
@Z    Cursor Right    @0    Home
@1    PF1    @2    PF2    @3    PF3
@4    PF4    @5    PF5    @6    PF6
@7    PF7    @8    PF8    @9    PF9
@a    PF10    @b    PF11    @c    PF12
@d    PF13    @e    PF14    @f    PF15
@g    PF16    @h    PF17    @i    PF18
@j    PF19    @k    PF20    @l    PF21
@m    PF22    @n    PF23    @o    PF24
@u    Roll Up    @v    Roll Down
@x    PA1    @y    PA2    @z    PA3

@A@E    Field Exit    @A@F    Erase Input    @A@H    Test Request
@A@J    Cursor Select    @A@L    Fast Left    @A@Q    Attention
@A@-    Field Minus    @A@+    Field Plus    @A@<    Record Backspace
@A@Z    Fast Right
@A@t    Print Screen    @A@y    Next Word    @A@z    Prev Word
@S@x    Duplicate    @S@y    Field Mark

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