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Get your ducks in a line!

OMG – It actually can be done!!

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Fuel Savings on the Cheap

I was a fast driver once. To slow myself down, I used to put a rock on the bonnet of my car – I called it “Pet Rock” and like most pets, it slowly became part of my life. It traveled with me everywhere, on the bonnet.

That slowed my driving down considerably for all sorts of reasons!! But after a while I saw the eminent threat to bystanders and stowed Pet Rock away!

Last week, and suffering from escalating fuel prices, I realized I could use Pet Rock again – in a safe way – allowing roadside dwellers to return!

This time Pet Rock has gone under the accelerator pedal of my Honda Jazz – I’m going to get 100 mpg out of that car if it kills me!! And, it has the bonus of clearing the road ahead of traffic. Admittedly, there is a queue of traffic behind me the length of the island – but a simple twist of the rear vision mirror makes them disappear. And they should be thanking me – I’m saving them money as well!

I am sure there is an idea here – this concept needs more development i.e something under the pedal to make it harder to put the foot down … something softer than a rock me thinks!!

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Windows Workflow

Yep, I finally made it after half the planet is already doing it (workflow that is!!). Yes – even in England.

I started doing B#’s first walkthrough but that was just a bit simplistic. This one is much better.

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