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Page events not firing in Sitecore sublayout

If your nested Button or Linkbutton does not fire its associated OnRowEditing, OnRowCommand or other code behind event, you need to add the name of the parent container to theĀ  “typesThatShouldNotBeExpanded” section in the Web.Config. Just like this:


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S4S – Sitecore for Salesforce

So we built a product on a whim and made a good job of it. But S4S is turning out to be really powerful – and companies across the world are coming up with brilliant ways to use it. I guess I should not be so surprised; we all carry 8Gb flash drives in our pockets. But how about this:

1. The Salesforce Lead form is given an extra dropdown field called “Profile”.
2. From Salesforce, the lead is sent an email with the login credentials to the Sitecore CMS site
3. After logging into the site, the content is completely personalised according to the selection made in Salesforce Lead Profile field.

Now how good is that!

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