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ASP.NET Dynamic Data Preview Available

This is the MVC code generation tool that will become part of VS2008 later in the year.

I ranted and raved about this in an earlier post but now its even better.

Information on this coolest of tools is here
and you can download it here

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Extensions 3.5 Dynamic Data uses the MVC Model

Dynamic Data will build your website.
– Instant creation of fully functional website
o Developer can choose inline editing or separate editing (click item move to details page)
o Global templates affect entire scaffold and are just regular ASP.NET pages that can be edited
– Uses the MVC routing engine
o URL and routing can be customized
– Template can be overridden for any table/action
o If developer wants to customize the scaffold a regular ASP.NET page can be created for the table/action.
o The copy of the global template can be customized as much as needed.
o The scaffold is flexible and can be overridden at the global level, metadata level and the page level.

Dynamic Data uses templates (or scaffolding) to build from the underlying data model.
In generating the Web GUI, the code generation process looks at data model metadata to determine right controls and settings:
o If a string field has a length create it in the UI
o If a field accepts a certain data type validate the input is the correct type
o If a field is nullable enforce that the field is required in the UI
o If a field is a foreign key lookup, display the text version of it from the foreign key table automatically and provide a dropdownlist edit functionality in edit scenarios
o Provide automatic ability to hyperlink to the foreign key table from a foreign key column
o Provide filtering controls that provide automatic filtering based on foreign key and bool fields in a table
o Provide data model meta data to change the validation, field formatting and display:
o Provide the ability to easily replace the controls that the built in ASP.NET data driven controls use to data in a column

Use of FieldTemplate Controls
These provide default set of controls plus source code to make easy to change. They are extensible via user created controls or can replace existing controls
o Much nicer pager control for GridView with source code
o DynamicGridView, DynamicFormView, DynamicListView and DynamicDetailsView can be used in standalone pages

Surely this technology HAS to be where web development is going.

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