GreenRock Software Products

GreenRock Software have developed a diverse range of software applications over the years. A cross section of these are listed below.

Quiz Queen – The Worlds Sneakiest Website

An entertainment website built using ASP.NET, lets you create, publish and view quizzes and much more. For example, after you enter specific information about a colleague or friend, QuizQueen emails them with an invitation to answer a series of questions. QuizQueen then subtly and mysteriously reveals facts about them to completely fool the dupe. This type of friend-friend email propagation is ideal for marketing your products or those of an affiliate.

Lines of Inquiry – Home of the Portable Website

Lines of Inquiry is a product that creates and delivers entire website’s to your inbox. Web site delivery ensures the right people see the right information and the site is fast to use and permanently available off-line. The use of advanced XML technology means beginners can easily build and send website’s to their email contacts or upload them to a web server in the traditional manner.

QASolver – The Question Answer Server

QASolver is a complete online question and answer information storage and access system. It is both a Knowledge Base and a Knowledge Tool. Deceptively easy to use, QASolver actually questions the user to find the business solution. This adds an entirely new flavor to the range of existing knowledge products.

Business Client Management System

An IPAQ application enabling field staff to access and update client data resident on a central SQL Server system. Requires only minimal changes to the main system configuration. GreenRock Software has the required systems and resources in place to develop PocketPC applications as required.

Accounting Systems

A number of general accounting/administration and stock control systems have been developed. Not only do these applications help our clients achieve in-house cost savings, they improve the services to their own clients – quicker response times, more accurate reporting, fast access to client information etc.

Online Business Solution for Tour Operators

Targeted at small to medium sized businesses, this system enables the tour operator to manage their business using an Internet browser. The system enables the tour operator to create and administer tours, allocate staff and handle electronic communication between businesses linked to the tours such as accommodation and tour activities. The tour operator can produce reports on any aspect of the business and perform statistical analysis of various tour components. This system presents a totally electronic, online business solution for the tour operator.


An award winning Jade application enabling farmers to access their herd testing information using an Internet browser. Requires read only access to the national herd database and adds value by calculating payout’s on a per cow or per herd basis.

CNC System for Controlling Lathes and Mills

This low cost application and associated hardware moves a lathe cutting tool using stepper motors controlled by a text based G-code file. The machine path can be drawn using a vector based application (AutoCAD, CorelDraw etc.) then made into a G-code file using a conversion utility.

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